Thursday, March 5, 2009

Updates from your one man design team

I just got full permission to use the clock for the ticket design commercially from dear old Allison from Deviantart! Horrah for that! 

I've already started photoshopping it to make it look old and dusty. Half way through that I realized I did not have the initial design Kal sketched out at the meeting. I left it on the desk sadly so it'll be on halt for a bit until I get a proper brief from Kal. Yes, I'm being lazy to create something of my own. Lets just say... This week has not been my week at all. I'm too stressed out and the fact that I'm determined to at least have the ticket design laid out on Indesign does not help my brain much. Sigh. I think my creativity went on an abrupt stop 2 days ago. Lets see if I can take Kals design further with the help of my mood boards!!

What is a mood board? (I seem to always ask myself this question and answer it)
Its one of the greatest tools used by designers to create or come up with a great idea. 
Its basically a collage of photos, sketches, magazine cut outs, etc. 
Its one of my favorite tools as an artist. They help me so much in every art genre I do. 

Take care!
Your one man design team, 
Naj Q.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday meeting SUCESSFUL

Yes it was!

Despite Renz having personal matters to attend to. He did not make it to the meeting at all. The meeting went really really well though. Me and Kal approached Tita Anne with a sheet of the lastest design options I've created and she picked one that she felt satisfied with and after a few tweaks on the logo. I created the letterhead with Kal and Tita advising me on how they want it. Thus, I came up with a simple yet elegant piece of stationery that I found attractive enough to write on after we printed out a mock up and with that we got the logo and letterhead finished and out of the way. I'm very happy about that.

The Color Palette, Logo and letterhead are all with the higher powers waiting for their signature.

Now, I can move on to poster & ticket designs which I may add will be fun cause it involves photoshop work! horrah!

Points to get through:
  • Request permission to use clock stock for tickets
  • Photoshop Clock to look old and dusty
  • Get sponsor logos for tickets
  • Speak to Kal for further Ticket and Poster Content as well as his creative input on the tickets.
  • Vectorize Dancer artwork
  • Get artwork for second poster background
  • Vectorize that as well
  • Pick typeface for poster
I'll set my own deadlines as soon as I get all the needed artwork in storage.
Of course, I'll have the deadlines posted up here so anyone can kick my ass if I dont reach the deadlines in time.

Thank you Tita & Kal for helping progress in the designs I have and for taking the time of day to meet with me. We make a great team!

All the best from your Junior Designer,
Najla Q.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


First off, I would like to praise Kal and Renz for their great work. 
Though I'm not at the office 24/7 like the rest of you. I have eyes in there. So I know if you're doing your work or not. Its not like I have to know or anything. But you two are the Star Troopers of this project! 

Kal for all his creative input and music! You've been working very hard especially with the music. Its very frustrating process and yet you continue on that rocky road and made some bad ass music and I'm proud! You're hard work will definitely be rewarded. You truly are a C.D. at heart!

As for Renz, despite your eccentric manner towards yourself, your consulting in finance, management etc. Are all beyond your age and as your twin, I'm proud. Keep it up best, and you'll end up where you want to go. 

Design Updates: 

I just realized that I need to sign off the color palette for the brandmark. Stupid me. 
I'll have the palette ready for sign off on Saturday! Yes, I'll be popping in ZCCB for an hour or two to help out however I can and to follow up on a few things.  (Renz, please add this as an urgent appointment to your schedule on Saturday, I don't want another incident) 

The fifth element/brand pattern is in the works. Hopefully, I'll have that on a sign off sheet as well. 

Lets set up deadlines people! The event is just a month a way and there is still so much to do. 

Looking forward to seeing you all! 



Okay, I'll be at the office today reviewing the script that Kal posted up before this entry. Honestly, I don't think theirs anything to change, probably some details and minor notes on the scenes.

Habeel the music for the caveman routine is already ready, so I'll be expecting you later to pick it up.

Nico, Klaris and probably Mariel will be present today. So yeah another practice session people!

Kudos Kal, you rock! Thanks to him people things are up and running.

Tomorrow, theirs a meeting with the production staff and then we exchange ideas again and merge. Hope to see you all later.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here's a follow up script for each scenario. Liable to change.

  • Cue in music and lights.
  • Blackout
  • School-bell
  • Music plays
  • Cue in 4 male dancers
  • Dance individually for 5-10 seconds, then dance simultaneously before dropping to ground.
  • Cue in 4 female dancers to stand in previous male dancers positions
  • Females dance with males for 30-40 seconds
  • music ends with footsteps of teacher
  • cue in extras who rush along with dancers to set up class
  • tallest 2 bboys up heading the front with spare chair hiding between them
  • teacher enters in front of class, back to the audience
  • before class can be started, flipper bboy runs up from behind class and flips from chair between tall bboys. Lands in front of teacher, teacher falls into chair.
  • Intial 4 boys and 4 girls clear the stage with teacher in tow while cleaning up stage.
  • this is how we do it part
  • girls start concentrating in the middle in a circle while bboys windmill.
  • Ends with explosion where everyone drops.


  • While dancers are down
  • Cavepeopel enters. 4 boys and girls.
  • take positions, snarl and act cavemanish.
  • all while doing a slight beat with spears with the music
  • stomp/scare downed dancers away
  • begin rountine which should be a minute long.
  • cue in ideal cavegirl
  • start fight with loud snarls, thumps and stomps.
  • once certain caveman is declared winner, garners control of tribe and issues a sacrifice.
  • END.


  • 2 dancers/fillers drag girl slowly to the end of the stage
  • girl dancers are chanting and bowing
  • male dancers dancing in a circle
  • music increases in tempo
  • sacrifice is latched onto props
  • preist comes and the music at its peak, stabs girl with scream and blackout.


Renz, have a look and you can tidy it up. Least this is the script needed.


Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sorry I couldn't make it today guys, I had some family conflicts.

I hope your feet hurt and your backs are wrenching from intensity, or I'll make you all go back and re-rehearse. (Oh how mean Renz xD ).

Anyways let me start with some updates from the talents:

  • Mariel - Had to attend a meeting at her Church today, so she couldn't make it. She reached me late. That's why earlier I didn't really have a reason to give you guys for her absence.
  • Khalid (from PSB) - I've spoken to him and he says his schedule is hectic. He'll probably be free after three weeks. I wonder how Habeel is going to react to this one.
  • Victoria's - Well seems like nobody will be heading off to Victoria's tomorrow since the girls seem to be off for a week. So rehearsals there are paused, anyways in my opinion the guys need to do most of the catching up since plenty of sessions were missed.

Tomorrow we'll be setting up agendas to have whole weeks planned out. Yes you read correctly: "whole weeks". It won't hurt to reiterrate, that we have a limited period of time left till the show. So work, work, work. I don't want to repeat what Kal says all the time haha. So we'll probably coordinate with you and your scheds so that we can find reasonable compromises.

So tomorrow look forward to your new schedules peeps and keep visting here to keep updated.



P.S. I heard there was someone new in today, I wonder if we can look forward to working with you, whoever you are xD.

How'd I get here?

Heres an update from a designers cozy bedroom.

Work thats supposed to be done in less than a week has been on going for almost a month now.
The logo has been going well. I've been creating as much options as possible and they've evolved into a very suttle and corporate brandmark and with it came a fifth element. I have reviewed my lastest versions with Kal and it looks like I'm going in the right direction as of now. Though my time has been limited since I spend 10 hours a weekday in an branding firm and since its the time of the year where event launches seem to crowd our schedules and deadlines are closing in all resulted in one thing 'overtime' and lots of it. But I don't mind it at all. I'm a workacholic!

Despite my hectic schedule. I've come up with designs that I hope the team will like.
Refer to Renz to see the latest options and the previous ones too.

Any feedback of any kind is entirely welcome.

Hopefully, we'll have the logo and fifth element signed off soon.

Wish me luck!

Warmest Regards,

Naj Q.
Junior Designer