Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sorry I couldn't make it today guys, I had some family conflicts.

I hope your feet hurt and your backs are wrenching from intensity, or I'll make you all go back and re-rehearse. (Oh how mean Renz xD ).

Anyways let me start with some updates from the talents:

  • Mariel - Had to attend a meeting at her Church today, so she couldn't make it. She reached me late. That's why earlier I didn't really have a reason to give you guys for her absence.
  • Khalid (from PSB) - I've spoken to him and he says his schedule is hectic. He'll probably be free after three weeks. I wonder how Habeel is going to react to this one.
  • Victoria's - Well seems like nobody will be heading off to Victoria's tomorrow since the girls seem to be off for a week. So rehearsals there are paused, anyways in my opinion the guys need to do most of the catching up since plenty of sessions were missed.

Tomorrow we'll be setting up agendas to have whole weeks planned out. Yes you read correctly: "whole weeks". It won't hurt to reiterrate, that we have a limited period of time left till the show. So work, work, work. I don't want to repeat what Kal says all the time haha. So we'll probably coordinate with you and your scheds so that we can find reasonable compromises.

So tomorrow look forward to your new schedules peeps and keep visting here to keep updated.



P.S. I heard there was someone new in today, I wonder if we can look forward to working with you, whoever you are xD.

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