Sunday, February 22, 2009

February Updates

As February ends in a week, here are our updates summed in for the team:
  • Introduction music has been mixed and a rountine should swiftly follow.
  • Caveman routine is almost penned and completed, and song work is on its way.
  • Routines for the ritual will be choreographed by Hamood and I, with gracious input of Habeel of course. Egpytian rountine will be unfortunately my routine, and Greek will go to Renz.
  • Aqquired special help from the Indian Ladies Association. A great boost for us, and less stress for us. Welcome them as you'd welcome any new dancers.
  • Welcome our new additional dancers, Nico and Clarice (hopefully spellings are right). We shall work you down to the ground.

Anyways, I'd stress the point that we ARE nearing the end of February so the time we have is severely being eaten up as you all read this. So expect alot of constant practices and broken feet during the next month. We are aiming for April, so we need the work done.

All in all, it has been going well, and we'll just have to see how this ends. So keep up the work, chins up, feet light, and get dancing the ZCCB way.


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