Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here's a follow up script for each scenario. Liable to change.

  • Cue in music and lights.
  • Blackout
  • School-bell
  • Music plays
  • Cue in 4 male dancers
  • Dance individually for 5-10 seconds, then dance simultaneously before dropping to ground.
  • Cue in 4 female dancers to stand in previous male dancers positions
  • Females dance with males for 30-40 seconds
  • music ends with footsteps of teacher
  • cue in extras who rush along with dancers to set up class
  • tallest 2 bboys up heading the front with spare chair hiding between them
  • teacher enters in front of class, back to the audience
  • before class can be started, flipper bboy runs up from behind class and flips from chair between tall bboys. Lands in front of teacher, teacher falls into chair.
  • Intial 4 boys and 4 girls clear the stage with teacher in tow while cleaning up stage.
  • this is how we do it part
  • girls start concentrating in the middle in a circle while bboys windmill.
  • Ends with explosion where everyone drops.


  • While dancers are down
  • Cavepeopel enters. 4 boys and girls.
  • take positions, snarl and act cavemanish.
  • all while doing a slight beat with spears with the music
  • stomp/scare downed dancers away
  • begin rountine which should be a minute long.
  • cue in ideal cavegirl
  • start fight with loud snarls, thumps and stomps.
  • once certain caveman is declared winner, garners control of tribe and issues a sacrifice.
  • END.


  • 2 dancers/fillers drag girl slowly to the end of the stage
  • girl dancers are chanting and bowing
  • male dancers dancing in a circle
  • music increases in tempo
  • sacrifice is latched onto props
  • preist comes and the music at its peak, stabs girl with scream and blackout.


Renz, have a look and you can tidy it up. Least this is the script needed.


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