Thursday, March 5, 2009

Updates from your one man design team

I just got full permission to use the clock for the ticket design commercially from dear old Allison from Deviantart! Horrah for that! 

I've already started photoshopping it to make it look old and dusty. Half way through that I realized I did not have the initial design Kal sketched out at the meeting. I left it on the desk sadly so it'll be on halt for a bit until I get a proper brief from Kal. Yes, I'm being lazy to create something of my own. Lets just say... This week has not been my week at all. I'm too stressed out and the fact that I'm determined to at least have the ticket design laid out on Indesign does not help my brain much. Sigh. I think my creativity went on an abrupt stop 2 days ago. Lets see if I can take Kals design further with the help of my mood boards!!

What is a mood board? (I seem to always ask myself this question and answer it)
Its one of the greatest tools used by designers to create or come up with a great idea. 
Its basically a collage of photos, sketches, magazine cut outs, etc. 
Its one of my favorite tools as an artist. They help me so much in every art genre I do. 

Take care!
Your one man design team, 
Naj Q.

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