Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday meeting SUCESSFUL

Yes it was!

Despite Renz having personal matters to attend to. He did not make it to the meeting at all. The meeting went really really well though. Me and Kal approached Tita Anne with a sheet of the lastest design options I've created and she picked one that she felt satisfied with and after a few tweaks on the logo. I created the letterhead with Kal and Tita advising me on how they want it. Thus, I came up with a simple yet elegant piece of stationery that I found attractive enough to write on after we printed out a mock up and with that we got the logo and letterhead finished and out of the way. I'm very happy about that.

The Color Palette, Logo and letterhead are all with the higher powers waiting for their signature.

Now, I can move on to poster & ticket designs which I may add will be fun cause it involves photoshop work! horrah!

Points to get through:
  • Request permission to use clock stock for tickets
  • Photoshop Clock to look old and dusty
  • Get sponsor logos for tickets
  • Speak to Kal for further Ticket and Poster Content as well as his creative input on the tickets.
  • Vectorize Dancer artwork
  • Get artwork for second poster background
  • Vectorize that as well
  • Pick typeface for poster
I'll set my own deadlines as soon as I get all the needed artwork in storage.
Of course, I'll have the deadlines posted up here so anyone can kick my ass if I dont reach the deadlines in time.

Thank you Tita & Kal for helping progress in the designs I have and for taking the time of day to meet with me. We make a great team!

All the best from your Junior Designer,
Najla Q.

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